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Q: Where are you all located 

A: We are located at Foro Sports Club. The address is 14725 Preston Road Dallas, Texas 75254.

Q: What exactly is 360/Foro Soccer Skills

A: 360/Foro Soccer Skills is a private/small-group training program. Our Private & Small-group trainings style of training is skill appropriate game realistic settings to achieve the athletes’ objectives taught by experienced player-coaches. We work with what you and your child want to improve on.


Q: What is the cost? How much does it cost?

A: That depends on the type of service you are looking for. Our first session is free, for you to come in and see how we work and train. Once our first free session is done, we can discuss more about service fee’s because each service varies depending on which you pick. 

Get in touch

Q: What are the days and times that I can come out for a free session?

A: Let us know your schedule! We usually host our free trial sessions on Tuesdays and Thursday from 4pm-6pm. Would you be available to come out for a free session? Get in touch.


Q: Is this an Academy

A: No, we are not an academy, we are a private 1-on-1 / Small group organization. Are you looking for a private or more Academy? If so, we partner with La Liga Academy Dallas who I can get you in touch with. 

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