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360 PDP

Discover 360 PDP, Dallas' premier soccer player development hub. We specialize in elevating players' skills through expert training in a top-notch facility, empowering players of all ages and skill levels. With personalized development plans and monthly assessments, we guide each player's journey towards excellence. Join us on the path to becoming a complete soccer player where skill, confidence, and passion unite for success.

360 Player Development Program

At 360 PDP, we offer players of all ages and skill levels the opportunity to enhance their game. Our programs include individual development plans and monthly assessments, designed to build confident players. From ages 5 and up, we focus on improving skills, setting goals, and shaping well-rounded soccer athletes.

Professional Quality Coaches

360 PDP offers top-notch experienced coaches with long professional careers in top leagues around the world. Include successful professional player/coaches:  Michel Garbini (Program Director and Technical Director), Kristian Quintana, Alex Molano, Jorge De Leon, and more


360 PDP is a curriculum and experience-based program taught by coaches from some of the leading clubs in Europe; Champion’s League, LaLiga, MLS, USL and MASL.


It is our goal to help each player, regardless of their skill level, reach their full player and personal potential through a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary, and proven training program.



We will help develop and expand the player’s technical abilities. Our goal is to help each player understand and use the right technique to resolve all the problems presented during trainings and games.

We will help develop the player’s tactical knowledge and awareness. Our goal is to help each player make quick and better decisions during the competition.


We will help develop the player’s physical condition, endurance, and movement. Our goal is to help each player make all Technical-Tactical decision while attacking, defending or in transition at their peak physical abilities.


Cognition, personality development, emotional expression, & psychological support through creative methods of exploration are just a few of areas our team will work with each individual player to reach their top mental performance.


This includes consideration of the player’s environment and community to empower their potential within them and to strengthen their communication and personal skills.

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